• Tessa Gray

      Brad Waid Keynote: A look at emerging technology, gaming and digital citizenship

      We're pretty excited with the keynote speakers at uLearn this year. For example, Brad Waid is going to be talking about emerging technologies; what is here and what is coming, the power of gaming in education and more in his keynote on, Engaging the globally connected student ...

      Tags: brad waid, keynote, global, citizen, village, gaming, networks

      • CORE Education

        Hana O'Regan Keynote: Tō reo ki te raki, tō mana ki te whenua

        How many of our people have had control over their own personal and cultural narratives as Māori and as Māori learners as they have travelled along their educational pathways?  How many of us have successfully been able to influence the views of those around us with regards to the value of o...

        Tags: ulearn18, keynote, hana, o'regan, māori, learners, dispositions, capabilities, world-view, education

        • Tessa Gray

          Eric Mazur Keynote: Innovating education to educate innovators

          Eric Mazur keynote: Blog post by Derek Wenmoth   Eric Mazur is a unique and inspirational choice as opening keynote for ULearn17. The Balkinski Professor of Physics and applied physics at Harvard University - not only is he is a globally recognised physicist, but also a published autho...

          Tags: eric mazur, keynote, opening, ulearn17, presentation

          • Tessa Gray

            Brad Waid Keynote: Engaging the “globally” connected student of today

            Brad Waid Keynote: Engaging the “globally” connected student of today. Blog post by Joanne Robson, CORE Education Tātai Aho Rau        We have been waiting since October 6th 2016 to hear Brad Waid, who is “passionate about Education, Technology and maki...

            Tags: brad waid, keynote, global, citizen, village, gaming, networks

            • Tessa Gray

              Abdul Chohan Keynote: Changing belief: Apple technology in the classroom

              A little about Abdul Chohan…Blog post by James Hopkins   Known as a pioneer for his work in learning through mobile devices, Abdul enabled student learning and empowered students at Essa Academy, Bolton. He has developed and worked with a number of international education organi...

              Tags: Abdul Chohan, keynote, presentation, blog

              • Tessa Gray

                Ann Milne Keynote: Colouring in the White Spaces

                Colouring in the White Spaces - Ann Milne PhD. Blog post by Aiono Manu Faaea-Semeatu   “We know that schooling has been complicit in perpetuating white spaces in our learning contexts.  My role in Kia Aroha College has been on two major levels: Professional level a...

                Tags: anne milne, keynote, presentation, blog

                • Tessa Gray

                  A little can be huge when colouring in white spaces

                  As most of you know, Ann Milne: Colouring in the white spaces was the final keynote for uLearn17. Jedd Bartlett also shared the keynote presentation from EDtalks. Here's a recent blog post (23 Oct 17) from Dr Ann Milne, Who should learn most about White Privilege—Māori ...

                  Tags: ann, milne, keynote, address, colouring, white, space, pākehā privilege

                  • Tessa Gray

                    Keynote video presentations

                    We're bringing you the full uLearn17 keynote presentations as they become available via EDtalks. Why not share them with your staff and colleagues, or blog about them and share the messages wider... /pages/view/28770/keynote-video-presentations  

                    Tags: keynote, presentations, videos

                    • CORE Education

                      Hana O'Regan keynote and shared Google doc

                      Tō reo ki te raki, tō mana ki te whenua (49 minutes) Let your story be heard in the heavens and your mana be restored to the land. If that is achieved capability will be achieved.    Dr Hana O'Regan, keynote speaker at uLearn18, begins by describing the importance ...

                      Tags: hana, keynote, presentation, video, speaker, notes

                      • Tessa Gray

                        Pasi Sahlberg's Keynote collaborative doc

                        Here's the shared Google doc for Pasi Sahlberg's Keynote.  Please note: If the view below is too difficult to navigate, go straight to the Google doc itself. Please note: To view this doc below in it's entirety, click on the 100% (in the document itsel...

                        Tags: pasi, sahlberg, keynote, collaborative, doc

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