• Sarah Whiting

      Sarah Whiting

      I have a passion for agency and providing opportunities for all stakeholders to have choice and voice in education. In line with this, I advocate for school being the nest within communities from which all can be nurtured and flourish. I am currently writing a book about learner agency - part of ...

      Skills: Coaching, Mentoring, Leading Change, Collaboration, Learner Agency, Learner-led Inquiry, Connecting, Summarising, Curriculum Development

      • Ximena Aitken

        Ximena Aitken

        Kia ora, I'm currently teaching in a year 2, two teacher ILE using inquiry based blended learning with innovative pedagogies such as play-based learning and cognitive load theory. I'm an ACET certified educator who looks for meaningful ways to remove barriers to learning with research-...

        Skills: ACET, Learner Agency, Te Reo, Spanish, Digital Tech, Inquiry, Blended Learning

        • Sandra Humphry

          Sandra Humphry

          Kia ora, Kam na Mauri, and Hello   Ko te Moana nui a kiwa te moana Ko Abaiang te iwi No Kiribati toku mama No Ingarangi toku papa E noho ana au ki Kirikiriroa He Pouako Reorua ahau Ko Te Kura o Noera te Kura   Tena tatou katoa Currently I am an Across School Leade...

          Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Cultural Responsiveness, Learner Agency, Early Childhood Education and Transition to School, Sport, Beach, Pasifika, Māori

          • Katrina Laurie

            One Important Question That Leads to Student Empowerment in Schools

            I'm a huge fan of developing Learner Agency. I came across this blog post by George Couros (well I get sent them via email and it is a super quick read), the title really intrigued me. What is this one simple! "Could the students be doing this?" and also what are you d...

            Tags: Learner Agency

            • Cushla Young

              Cushla Young

              Year 5/6 teacher at St John Bosco School, New Plymouth.  I'm passionate about digital technology, pedagogy, literacy and gifted education.  I'm also a Trustee of the Taranaki Gifted Community Trust.

              Tags (please separate each one with a comma): digital technology, literacy, gifted education, pedagogy, science, learner agency, growth mindset

            • Taumarunui Cluster
              Taumarunui Cluster

              A place for the teachers from Kaitieke School, Ongarue School, Tokirima School, Ohura Valley School...

              • Anne-Louise Robertson

                Connecting Gadgets with the curriculum

                So, there are heaps of shiny, whirly, techie, apps, robots etc. and they are fun to play with BUT - how might they fit into your curriculum area and level?  Please share how you think you (or people you know) might use them, or have already used them to meet the aims of the curr...

                Tags: learner agency, student voice, learning, choice, computational thinking, robotics, DT & HM, VR, AR, DDDO

              • Learner Agency
                Learner Agency

                A space where we can share resources and stories, have discussions and challenge...

                • Anne-Louise Robertson

                  Learner Agency Continuums

                  Learner Agency Continuums Use these to work out what Learner Agency looks like, sounds like and feels like and identify where you are on the continuum  

                  Tags: learner agency, student voice, learning, choice

                  • Anne-Louise Robertson

                    Working Memory and Long Term Memory - how it works in Inquiry Learning

                    There has been lots of discussion about how students retain the knowledge they gain as they work on inquiry projects. How much explicit teaching is required? Can students get the content and knowledge they need to move forwards when they choose what they learn in an agentic setting? This artic...

                    Tags: learner agency, student voice, learning, choice, memory, knowledge

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                    Announcing: uLearn18 prize winners
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                    uLearn18 is underway!
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                    STEAMing hot… Breakout 4 - 11.15am - 12.45pm Thursday 11th October
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