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    • Carolyn English

      Carolyn English

      • Wellington
      Ko te tamaiti te putāke o te kaupapa. Every young person has the right to be supported by an education system that feels cohesive and is motivated by the vision of all our young people being confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. Every day I come across young people and their teachers having amazing interactions and solving wicked problems. Helping more young people and more teachers have these experiences is what motivates me to work in education.
      • Tessa Gray

        Tessa Gray

        • Tauranga
        Ko Tessa Gray toku ingoa, edSpace online facilitator. Passionate about growing thriving online communities. Based in the sunny Bay of Plenty.

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      • Inside Out Learning
        Inside Out Learning

        EOTC presents opportunities to make connections across the curriculum and learning in a local...

      • Porirua East Kāhui Ako
        Porirua East Kāhui Ako

        A space for kaiako in the Porirua East Kāhui Ako to share readings, resources, discuss and connect. 

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        • Jonathan Mulholland

          My journey with the iPad

          ...was presenting, especially around engagement, experience and extending learning. A particular analogy stuc...ote along with the Everyone Can Create initiative have transformed how learning happens in my class and I lov...


          • Juliet Revell

            What's My Why?

              This post has been inspired by Leanne Stubbing, who I met at EducampWelly in 2013 (or was it 2014?) and the day of connection, and reconnection...

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            • CORE Education

              Ten Trend: Social mapping in the group CORE Ten Trends

              ...ed in more LEARNZ field trips. Place-based education promotes learning that is rooted in what is loc...Supporting place-based education with digital technologies (Enabling e-Learning, TKI) DISCUSSION POST: Plac...

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              • Tessa Gray

                Reply on topic: School delivery plan for Digital Technologies

                ...nning for student needs/interests/abilities through curriculum portals and pathways. Also having conversations about integrating ICTs/e-Learning as well as Learning about Digital Technologies....

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                • CORE Education

                  What delegates think about uLearn in the group uLearn discussion group

                  ..."My favourite today has been Hana O'Regan, everything today has been amazing, but I loved listening to her and being challenged and learning things that I hadn't actu...

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                  • Becky Hare

                    Getting ready for your uLearn19 conference experience in the group uLearn discussion group

                    ...erence helps make connecting, learning from each other, and sharing...of motivations, professional learning needs, specific content needs...advice that your professional learning networks, will continue to and grow your Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) Your co...

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                    • Judith Stichbury

                      I love life, learning and the arts. NZ is my home and there's no place like it. We need to care for NZ and help it to be healthy, together .


                      • Tessa Gray

                        Struggling to meet needs of some learners? Online learning programmes might be a solution @


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                        • CORE Education

                          ACCELERATOR workshops

                          ...ideas? And maybe break some rules? ACCELERATOR is for you! This exciting and immersive experience is designed to speed up change in teaching and learning by activating innovative solu...

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                          • CORE Education

                            Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019

                            ...lso check out other professional learning opportunities on offer for yo...t the aims of the curriculum and learning outcomes.   Hu..., wonder, joy, and a passion for learning. Whakatōhenehene | Disrupt...and critical thinking within the learning environment....

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                              Welcome to edSpace in the group edSpace Help

                              Kia ora and welcome to edSpace. You may have been invited here or found your way here, either way, nau mai, haere mai ki te whānau. Please note: To join in conversations, join edSpace and join groups of interest. Are you a teacher (kaia...

                              Tags: online, community, professional, learning, purpose, potential, expectations, roles

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                            • Building Learning Power
                              Building Learning Power

                              A space for people to share resources, have discussions about and explore the Building Learning...

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                            • ACCELERATOR workshops
                              ACCELERATOR workshops
                              Would you like the opportunity to grow new ideas? And maybe break some rules? ACCELERATOR is for you! This exciting and immersive experience is designed to speed up change in teaching and learning by activating innovative solutions.      ACCELERATOR utilises a...
                            • Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                              Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                              Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo o lelei and welcome back to the latest pānui (round-up) for edSpace, May 2019.  We've got some exciting stories to roll out around CORE's Ten Trends and we are building up to uLearn19 October, 2019 with a series of posts that profile a mixture of...
                            • Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                              Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                              Are you interested in sharing your learning experiences at uLearn19? Extend yourself and try your hand at presenting.  Hold a 60-90 minute workshop, 25 minute taster session, 2 minute digital smackdown or a pop-up maker-space. Why not think about presenting your peer reviewed paper at Kia...