• Amanda Taylor

      Amanda Taylor

      • Auckland, New Zealand
      • Scott Mackenzie

        Scott Mackenzie

        • Nelson
        Senior syndicate leader at Hampden Street School in Nelson. I feel that the key competencies and student-led learning are the keys to our students making meaningful contributions to their future communities.
        • Caryn Deans

          Caryn Deans

          • Palmerston North, Manawatu
          Te Whariki Facilitator: Matika Maranga
          • Nadia


            • Blenheim
            Infant and Toddler teacher from Blenheim.
            • edSpace

              Example discussion | Peer Coaching in Kāhui Ako in the group Across CoL leadership

              Please note: The following discussion post has been created for demonstration purposes, to show how discussion threads can be used across a Kāhui Ako group. A wee while back Monika Kern responded in a thread in the VLN about how working with teachers to become peer coaches. She gave a won...

              Tags: peer, formative, coaching, teachers, leaders, learning, mentoring, language, relationships

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              • Tessa Gray

                What makes an online community? in the group edSpace Help

                What are you? A Blues or Hurricanes fan? A Mac or PC user? Prefer a Holden or a Ford? Having a discussion (or even argument) around important things that really matter to us is nothing new.  I'm currently (enjoying) working my way through an online course, learning mor...

                Tags: community, engagement, relationships, common, interests

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                • CORE Education

                  Creating and nurturing social networks for leveraging improvements in Kāhui Ako in the group Collaboration and professional learning

                  In this video hosted by Enabling e-Learning, Fulbright Global Scholar, Alan Daly talks about how to create and grow social networks within a community to create high quality impact in educational systems. Alan starts by sharing a portion of a Dr Martin Luther King quote, We are caught in a...

                  Tags: alan, daly, social, networks, communities, relationships, presentation, enabling e-learning

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                • edSpace live event: Cultivating Social Connection online
                  edSpace live event: Cultivating Social Connection online
                  Nothing can replace the physical connection that we all need in the form of face to face. So what can we do in the meantime to cultivate the connection they need and we need? By turning up the volume online on the ways we can possibly socially connect. If you are interested in knowing more, why...
                • Friday 17 updates
                  Kia ora koutou, from our bubbles to yours, we hope this sees you well. Everyday looks a little different, as New Zealand continues to find ways to eradicate Covid-19 and plan to work towards a safer, less restrictive country in Level 3.  However your school or kura might look for...
                • edSpace live event: Interactive learning online
                  edSpace live event: Interactive learning online
                  Heard of Flipgrid? Used Answer Garden, JamBoard or played Kahoot?  These easily accessible online tools are a great way to invite interaction, participation and collaboration from near or far. Want to know more? Come and join us this Thursday, 1pm (9 April), for a special, free live...