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    • Anne-Louise Robertson

      Anne-Louise Robertson

      • Hamilton
      Mum, learner, explorer, educator, lover of nature and being wild and free in the outdoors!
      • Deanne Thomas

        Deanne Thomas

        • Papaiōea Manawatū
        Based in Papaioea, my current position is Kaihautū Māori for Tātai Aho Rau/CORE Education. I am mainly focused on building opportunities for Māori to achieve success in whichever learning environment they are currently participating - tamariki in Māori immersion, tamariki in English medium, teachers/kaiako in kura and kāhui ako.

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        • Tessa Gray

          Comment on "CS unplugged activities"

          ...Scratch, with some very special lessons created by Microsoft, CORE Education and OMGTech! just for our kids who can speak Te Reo Māori or want to extend their Te Reo Māori @ Microsoft t...

          • CORE Education

            Comment on "Treaty Talks"

            ...og in our Treaty Talks series, Article 2 and Te Reo Māori, where Anahera McGregor...xplores the question — He taonga rānei te reo Māori? Is te reo Māori indeed...e her views on how we can protect and honour te reo Māori, tikanga Māori and our...

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            • Anaru White

              Kia ora anō ko taku tino rauemi o te wā! Favourite resource: Te Reo Hangarau (Language of Technology).


              • Anaru White

                Ahakoa iti, ākona, kōrerotia - Learn a little, use a little. Te Wiki o te Reo Māori resources:


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                • CORE Education

                  Should we be teaching Te Reo Māori in our schools? in the group Multicultural education

                  In 2018, most educators would say we already do teach Te Reo Māori, while others in the community might see things differently. So why teach Te Reo Māori in mainstream schools? Tamara Bell says, it’s beneficial for all students, all New Zealanders. This is a language that belongs to us a...

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                  • CORE Education

                    ON SALE: Kīwaha - Kēreru Set

                    SALE! Reduced for a limited time only! $12.00 (NZD)   Kīwaha or idioms are short colloquialisms in te reo Māori. These kīwaha can be used to encourage and/or celebrate achievements.   Product details:   Pack of 15x A6 sized laminated cards Cover card ...

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                  • ACCELERATOR workshops
                    ACCELERATOR workshops
                    Would you like the opportunity to grow new ideas? And maybe break some rules? ACCELERATOR is for you! This exciting and immersive experience is designed to speed up change in teaching and learning by activating innovative solutions.      ACCELERATOR utilises a...
                  • Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                    Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                    Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo o lelei and welcome back to the latest pānui (round-up) for edSpace, May 2019.  We've got some exciting stories to roll out around CORE's Ten Trends and we are building up to uLearn19 October, 2019 with a series of posts that profile a mixture of...
                  • Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                    Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                    Are you interested in sharing your learning experiences at uLearn19? Extend yourself and try your hand at presenting.  Hold a 60-90 minute workshop, 25 minute taster session, 2 minute digital smackdown or a pop-up maker-space. Why not think about presenting your peer reviewed paper at Kia...