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      Ten Trends Showcase uLearn19 in the group uLearn discussion group

      Last night, uLearn19 kicked off the with Ten Trends Showcase and a UN Mission Possible challenge. Derek Wenmoth opened the session with a brief overview of the CORE Ten Trends (patterns, general course and direction, change over time) and how these effect our everyday lives as well a...

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        How are schools reporting to parents without National Standards? in the group Future focused education

        A new era in education, also means new implications for assessment, evaluating and reporting. Posting on behalf of @robyn (Roby McWinch) HI, with NS gone how are others schools reporting to parents with a school report. We use Etap as our source but need to change it, just wondered ...

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          Ten Trend: Real-time reporting in the group CORE Ten Trends

          What’s this Trend all about? Effective use of assessment data in a digital age is at the forefront of our thinking in education. For example, on-going data sharing (digitally) can provide parents and whānau access to ‘on demand’ information about their child’s l...

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        • Professional learning on offer 2021
          Kia ora koutou ma, a few people have been asking, so here it is, CORE's PLS schedule for webinars (online), seminars (face to face) and online programmes for 2021. To view larger, click in the top right-hand corner to open in a new window. Please feel free to print this out, display in your...
        • uLearn 20 is virtual
          uLearn 20 is virtual
          Did you know uLearn20 is virtual this year? For the fist time ever uLearn20 will be delivered online! Now it doesn't matter where you are, everyone can attend uLearn20! Pohewatia te āpōpō | Reimagine tomorrow.    7-8 October 2020  Using an exciting, contemporary...
        • Ten Trends 2020: A retrospective report
          Ten Trends 2020: A retrospective report
          With Ten Trends 2020 released on Friday, we can’t go past this retrospective look at trends from the last 15 years (and the impact they’ve had on education in Aotearoa). Download the document and explore the trends behind the technology, structural, cultural, economic and process...