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    • Tessa Gray

      Comment on "Digital Technologies with a Primary Focus (NZ)"

      ...essional Learning group tomorrow on Learning about digital technologies to support our Google clarifies the difference between IT capabilities and Digital Technologies.  It would be great t...

      • Anne-Louise Robertson

        Comment on "Ten Trends Release" way for one of the schools I am working with. They want to develop a shared understanding with whānau of why and how they are using digital technologies for learning. The ten trends...


        • Juliet Revell

          What's My Why?

          ...everyday, as a classroom teacher. But, it can certainly take its toll when the balance slides. I am now out of the classroom, teaching Digital Technologies to teachers across our region...

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          • Tessa Gray

            edSpace champions in the group edSpace Help

            ...egional Central South Learning with Digital Technologies facilitator teams. Kathe been a part of the Learning with Digital Technologies team working across Otago and...ds is her passion, especially using digital technologies and the power of collaboratio...

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            • CORE Education

              Ten Trend: Social mapping in the group CORE Ten Trends

              ...mapping is the term given when technologies are used to aggregate geo-spa...een invisible for a long time. Technologies combine big data (gathered fr...schools are increasingly using technologies (location-based mapping tools...e-based education with digital technologies (Enabling e-Learning, TKI)...

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              • CORE Education

                Reply on topic: School delivery plan for Digital Technologies

                Oops @Glendajanek thank you, basic Human interface 101 - the link would help! Here's the link: Let me know what you think, what can be added, replaced or taken out etc

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                • CORE Education

                  Interested in a handy strategic roadmap that ensures that technologies are implemented effectively across the school?


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                  • CORE Education

                    Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019

                    ...nbsp;How are you using Seesaw in your school?   Digital Technologies | Hangarau Matihiko...s, kaiako and leaders to better understand and implement the Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko curricu...

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                    • CORE Education

                      Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Hui-tanguru 2019

                      ...and empower our students and share ways to integrate the new Digital Technologies content, as it becomes a...culturalism. Here a just couple of examples to share. Digital Technologies | Hangarau Matihiko...


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                    • ACCELERATOR workshops
                      ACCELERATOR workshops
                      Would you like the opportunity to grow new ideas? And maybe break some rules? ACCELERATOR is for you! This exciting and immersive experience is designed to speed up change in teaching and learning by activating innovative solutions.      ACCELERATOR utilises a...
                    • Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                      Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                      Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo o lelei and welcome back to the latest pānui (round-up) for edSpace, May 2019.  We've got some exciting stories to roll out around CORE's Ten Trends and we are building up to uLearn19 October, 2019 with a series of posts that profile a mixture of...
                    • Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                      Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                      Are you interested in sharing your learning experiences at uLearn19? Extend yourself and try your hand at presenting.  Hold a 60-90 minute workshop, 25 minute taster session, 2 minute digital smackdown or a pop-up maker-space. Why not think about presenting your peer reviewed paper at Kia...